Poster Program

Mon Aug 1, 2016
6:00 PM
7:30 PM
Decision Support Systems
Topic: none
Board: none
Agronomic Characteristics of Green Corn and Correlations with Productivity for the Establishment of Management Zones in Vale Do Ribeira, SP, Brazil
- Wilson Souza
Data Normalization Methods for Definition of Management Zones
- Eduardo de Souza
On Farm Studies to Determine Seeding Rate in Corn
- Guillermo Balboa
Smart Agriculture: A Futuristic Vision of Application of the Internet of Things (IoT) in Brazilian Agriculture
- Eduardo Souza
Big Data Mining & Statistical Issues in Precision Agriculture
Topic: Big Data Mining & Statistical Issues in Precision Agriculture
Board: none
North American Soil Test Summary
- Scott Murrell
Engineering Technologies and Advances
Topic: Engineering Technologies and Advances
Board: none
A Harvesting Robot System for Fresh Cherry Tomato in Greenhouse
- Feng Qingchun
Automated Support Tool for Variable Rate Irrigation Prescriptions
- A. Nguyen
Development of Land Leveling Equipment Based on GNSS
- Weiqiang Fu
Design of VAV System of Air Assisted Sprayer in Orchard and Experimental Study in China
- He Xiongkui
Evaluation of a Seed-fertilizer Application System Using a Laser Scanner
- Changyuan Zhai
Evaluation of a Sensor and Control Interface Module for Monitoring of Greenhouse Environment
- Nam-Seok Sung
Field Sampling and Electrochemical Detection of Nitrate in Agricultural Soils
- John Brockgreitens
Simulation of Curiosity and Exo Mars Rovers on Agriculture Terrain
- Marcelo Becker
Static and Kinematic Tests for Determining Spreaders Effective Width
- Leonardo Felipe Maldaner
The Methods and Applications of Artificial Intelligence Used in the Technologies of Precision Agriculture
- Aleksandrs Gailums
Using an Industrial PLC to Control Implements
- Heleno Vale
Food Security and Precision Agriculture
Topic: Food Security and Precision Agriculture
Board: none
Open Data for Food Quality and Food Security Control: a Case Study of the Czech Republic
- Milos Ulman
Use of Satellite Data to Improve Damage Assessment Process for Agricultural Insurance Scheme in Indonesia
- Chiharu Hongo
Precision Crop Protection
Topic: Precision Crop Protection
Board: none
The Effect of Leaf Surface on Spray Retention Variability
- Hassina Boukhalfa
Airspeed and Pressure Affect Spray Droplet Spectrum from an Aerial Nozzle for Fixed-wing Applications
- Ruirui Zhang
Assessing Temporal Heterogeneity of Pigeon Pea Sterility Mosaic Through GIS Mapping and Its Impact on Crop Health
- Mahantesh Patil
New Technologies in Biological Plant Protection and Its Localization
- Vladimir Kotlyarov
Technology Support for Game Monitoring As a Tool for Damages Reduction of Field Crops
- Michal Stočes
Precision Horticulture
Topic: Precision Horticulture
Board: none
Comparison of Plant and Soil Mapping in Prunus Domestica L. Orchard
- Jana Käthner
Precision Nutrient Management
Topic: Precision Nutrient Management
Board: none
Adjustment of Corn Population and Nitrogen Fertilization Based on Management Zones
- Rai Schwalbert
Integrated Approach to Site-specific Soil Fertility Management
- Robin Gebbers
On-Farm Evaluation of an Active Optical Sensor Performance for Variable Nitrogen Application in Winter Wheat
- Olga Walsh
Studies on Soil Spatial Variability and Its Impact on Cane Yield Under Precision Nutrient Management System
- Mohan Kumar R
UAV-based Crop Scouting for Precision Nutrient Management
- Olga Walsh
Winter Wheat Genotype Effect on Canopy Reflectance: Implications for Using NDVI for In-season Nitrogen Topdressing Recommendations
- Olga Walsh
Proximal Sensing in Precision Agriculture
Topic: Proximal Sensing in Precision Agriculture
Board: none
Assessment of Water Use Efficiency of Alfalfa Using Eddy Covariance CO2 and H2O Fluxes Under Hyper Arid Conditions of Saudi Arabia
- Khalid Al-Gaadi
NIR Spectroscopy to Map Quality Parameters of Sugarcane
- Marcos Ferraz
On-the-go Measurements of pH in Tropical Soil
- Mateus Eitelwein
Vis/NIR Spectroscopy to Estimate Crude Protein (CP) in Alfalfa Crop: Feasibility Study
- John Nowatzki
Apparent Electrical Conductivity Sensors and Their Relationship with Soil Properties in Sugarcane Fields
- Guilherme Sanches
Soil Attributes Estimation Based on Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy and Topographic Variability
- Guilherme Sanches
Remote Sensing Applications in Precision Agriculture
Topic: Remote Sensing Applications in Precision Agriculture
Board: none
Precision Agriculture Techniques for Crop Management in Trinidad and Tobago: Methodology & Field Layout
- Dave Goorahoo
Precision Agriculture Techniques for Crop Management in Trinidad and Tobago: Methodology & Field Layout
- Dave Goorahoo
Detecting Nitrogen Variability at Early Growth Stages of Wheat by Active Fluorescence and NDVI
- Rajiv Khosla
Assessing Soybean Injury from Dicamba Using RGB and CIR Images Acquired on Small UAVs
- Yanbo Huang
Spatial-temporal Evaluation of Plant Phenotypic Traits Via Imagery Collected by Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)
- Sebastian Varela
Time Series Analysis of Vegetation Dynamics and Burn Scar Mapping at Smoky Hill Air National Guard Range, Kansas Using Moderate Resolution Satellite Imagery
- Elle Williams
AGOC: Agriculture Operations Center
- Mark Zamzow
Development of Sensor Reflection Indices To Predict Yield And Protein Content Based On In-Season N Status
- Ugur Yegul
Sensor Application in Managing In-Season Crop Variability
Topic: Sensor Application in Managing In-season Crop Variability
Board: none
Liquid Flow Control Requirements for Crop Canopy Sensor-Based N Management in Corn: A Project SENSE Case Study
- J.D. Luck
Development of a Multispectral Sensor for Crop Canopy Temperature Measurement
- Philip Drew
Sensor-based Technologies for Improving Water and Nitrogen Use Efficiency
- Olga Walsh
Sensor-based Nitrogen Applications Out-performed Producer-chosen Rates for Corn in On-farm Demonstrations
- Peter Scharf
Spatial Variability in Crop, Soil and Natural Resources
Topic: Spatial Variability in Crop, Soil and Natural Resources
Board: none
Assessing the Variability of Red Stripe Disease in Louisiana Sugarcane Using Precision Agriculture Methods
- Richard Johnson
High-resolution Mapping with On-the-go Soil Sensor and Its Relation with Corn Yield and Soil Acidity in a Dystrophic Red Oxisol
- Telmo Amado
In-field Variability of Terrain and Soils in Southeast Kansas: Challenges for Effective Conservation
- Gretchen Sassenrath
Rectification of Management Zones Considering Moda and Median As a Criterion for Reclassification of Pixels
- Eduardo Souza
Real-Time Protein Paddock Maps collected from the Australian Wheat and Barley Harvest
- Joel Salazar
Response of Soybean Cultivars According to Management Zones in Southern Brazil
- Geomar Corassa
Spatial Variability and Correlations Between Soil Attributes and Productivity of Green Corn Crop
- Wilson Souza
Temporal and Spatial Variability of Soil Nutrients in Arable Lands of Wugong County in Loess Plateau in China
- Jing Liu
Unmanned Aerial Systems
Topic: Unmanned Aerial Systems
Board: none
Developing UAV Image Acquisition System and Processing Steps for Quantitative Use of the Data in Precision Agriculture
- Arif Behiç Tekin
Development of a PWM Precision Spraying System for Unmanned Helicopter
- Ruirui Zhang
Plant Stand Count and Corn Crop Density Assessment Using Texture Analysis on Visible Imagery Collected Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
- Sathishkumar Samiappan