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Keynote Presentation

Our opening keynote speaker is Dr. Margaret M. Zeigler.

Dr. Margaret M. Zeigler, Global Harvest Initiative

Margaret M. Zeigler, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Global Harvest Initiative

Opening Keynote Presentation slideset (33MB PowerPoint)

Since 2012, Dr. Margaret M. Zeigler has led the Global Harvest Initiative (GHI) as Executive Director.  GHI is a collaborative private-sector voice to advance sustainable agriculture solutions for meeting the world’s growing demand for food, feed, fiber and fuel. As the global population increases to nearly 9.7 billion in 2050, along with rising incomes and changing consumer preferences, GHI proposes five key policy goals that will enhance global agricultural productivity while conserving natural resources.
Dr. Zeigler is a thought leader in the international agriculture and food security arena with expertise in international poverty alleviation, agricultural development, organizational leadership and program management.  She has worked in non-partisan and multi-stakeholder engagement and collaboration with a variety of food security organizations and institutions, including United Nations agencies, NGO’s, U.S. government and the OECD, regional development institutions, foundations and the private sector.
Dr. Zeigler speaks in domestic and international venues about how these policies along with public-private partnerships are advancing global food security and agricultural productivity.  Dr. Zeigler co-authors the annual Global Agricultural Productivity Report® (GAP Report®) published by the Global Harvest Initiative, and is a regular media contributor.
From 1995 to 2012, Dr. Zeigler served as Deputy Director of the Congressional Hunger Center, a bi-partisan non-profit organization based in Washington, DC.  At CHC, she was responsible for founding the Congressionally-funded “Mickey Leland International Hunger Fellows Program”, establishing educational initiatives for Members of Congress and Congressional Staff about hunger and food security, and helping direct the Hunger Center in all areas of management, budget supervision and grant and fiscal administration, and organizational development. 
Dr. Zeigler holds a Ph.D. and M.A. in Geography and International Development Studies from the University of Cincinnati, and between 1997 and 2001 she was an adjunct faculty member at the Elliott School of International Affairs at George Washington University, teaching graduate level courses on food security, political geography, and complex humanitarian emergencies.  She received her B.A. in Psychology from Miami University of Oxford, Ohio.  She spent many summers growing up with her father’s relatives on a diversified family farm in Maysville, Kentucky, which her cousins continue to operate today.